Game Volt
3/9/14  |  Omar Barrada

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We at Macro Mania are now sponsoring Game Volt one of the top video game news providers in Egypt and the Middle East.

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SK Productions
1/17/14  |  Omar Barrada

Macro Mania is now working hand in hand with SKproductions the first and best video game reviewers in Egypt.

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1st Anniversary
9/19/13  |  Omar Barrada

Macro Mania has been in business for 1 full year, serving over a hundred customers all over Egypt. Providing our members with services like renting games, buying games, accessories, and consoles. We are glad we have reached that much members in one year and that we are the first company to offer such a service. 

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Weekend Mania
7/27/13  |  Omar Barrada

WEEKEND MANIA!!! Missed out some old titles that you don't really want to pay the full price on. Get a 40% off on all PlayStation games that were released one year from current date. "Every Weekend"

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