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Saints Row IV


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Publisher: Deep Silver
Release Date: August 20, 2013
Genre: Action-adventure
Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer

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Customer Reviews

Let the Madness Begin Review by Maik Hussein
Game Rating
If you have played games like GTA, Sleeping Dogs, Infamous, etc. you will realize Saints Row 4 does not much more to offer, in fact its not even close to the games mentioned above BUT if you are looking for plain madness, the unrealistic touch in terms of gameplay and story, you will have a lot of fun with Saints Row. Getting taken over by ALIENS is good start into all the insanity of Saints Row but all those small nuts side missions of the game bring all the joy you might be looking for. For instance, why not using your character to crash into basiclly anything and everything to get XP, while you hardly have control over the president of the US (you are the president of the states), or driving an alien vehicle across down destroying everything! There are plenty of weapons, weapon upgrades, powers or elements you can earn and upgrade, you can even buy clothes, cars, tatoes and so on, and so on. But again, games like GTA and sleeping dogs and co. presented all that already before and you might not be impressed by those features in Saints Row, what might impress you though is the intended unrealistic, crazy but entertaining world you are playing in. My verdict 7,5/10 (Posted on 5/25/14)

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