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Watch Dogs


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Publisher: Ubisoft
Release date: May 27, 2014
Genre: Action-adventure
Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer

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Customer Reviews

Great Game! Review by Kareem
Game Rating
I purchased this one, And am totally happy with it :).

The gameplay is not REVOLUTIONARY however it offers different varieties to a boring genre. Hacking :).

The visuals for a next-gen game are ok, sometimes the lightning/textures add up and create a really stunning shot, some other times it just looks OK.

If you're going to compare it with GTA5, well Rockstar has been doing it for years, so if this is Ubi's first shot at a Sandbox/Crima/Drama game, it's still rough around some edges and not as open as GTA or as BIG. but it offers great value for money (the campaign is much longer than GTA5).

The multiplayer part is fun yet not really that awesome, online hacking (1vs1) and tailing(1vs1) are great, however team based games (3-8 Players) are childish and boring or at least to me.

Worth a rental for sure. (Posted on 6/15/14)

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